Business History

比較経営論 (米国)

Comparative Management [America] 


Undergrad Seminar


Business History (GS)


Grad Seminar (GS)


Past Courses


Meiji University (Undergraduate) 

経営史 (Business History), 2020 to present

比較経営論 (アメリカ) (Comparative Management [America]), 2022 to present

学部ゼミ (Undergraduate Seminar I, II, III), 2020 to present

基礎専門特別講義C:スタートアップ起業家育成講座1(Core Subjects Special Lectures C: Modules of Startup Entrepreneur Training 1 / M-SET 1), 2023 to present

経営学特別講義D:スタートアップ起業家育成講座2(Special Lectures on Business Management D: Modules of Startup Entrepreneur Training 2 / M-SET 2), 2024 to present

Meiji University (Graduate School)

経営史特論 (Business History), 2022 to present

経営史演習 (Master Seminar in Business History I, II), 2023 to present

経営史特殊研究 (Doctoral Seminar in Business History 1, 2, 3), pending


Meiji University

国際経営史 (History of International Business), 2015-18

経営学 (Business Management), 2016 to 2024

外国書講読 (Reading in Foreign Language), 2018-20

経営文献研究 (Studies in Business Literature), 2016-20

専門基礎演習 (Core Subjects Seminar), 2021

Seijo University

経営史 (Business History), 2022-23

Asia University

各国経済論(欧米)[アメリカ] (Structure of American Economy), 2019-22

Nihon University

Management, 2014-20

外国書講読(英語) (Reading in Foreign Language, English), 2015-19