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SHIMT / Studies of Historical Insight, Method, Thinking


This research group, "SHIMT (Studies of Historical Insight, Method, and Thinking)," explores  empirical research from the perspective of historical organization studies (HOS), new business histories (NBHs) and other adjacent fields, develops  methodologies for conducting historical studies, and discusses potential opportunities for collaboration between business history and other field such as management and organizational studies, economic history.




The  project has published as the (probably the first in Japan) special issue on historical organization studies of Soshiki kagaku / Organizational Science vol. 55 (4), an official journal of the Academic Association for Organizational Science (Print ISSN : 0286-9713), in Japanese.

Theme「経営・組織論研究における歴史的転回」/ "The historic turn in management and organization studies." 

Theme「経営史と歴史的組織研究の『世界線』:史的研究の広がりと境界」/ "The 'world lines' of business history and historical organizational studies."



博士論文の研究プロジェクト(dissertation research project)

それをまず、博士論文として「Corporate Transformation, Diversification, and Managerial Perception: A Comparative Study of General Electric Company and Westinghouse Electric Corporation」を執筆(here)。




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